About The Sex Education Alliance

Let's make waves together. As agents of SEA change, we will collectively improve the availability of comprehensive sex education programs around the globe. As a community of independent sex educators and non-profits, we will ride the waves of building our businesses and supporting one another.

Meet The Team

Kim Cook


Kim Cook (she/her) is the founder of Teen World Confidential and International Sex Education Day. She is a former elementary school nurse and has certifications in middle and high school health education and LGBT Studies. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Kim lives in the Chicago suburbs and is the mother of three grown daughters. She has survived the adolescent years.

Amy Lang

Founding Member

A sexual health educator for over 20 years, Amy Lang, MA (she/her) helps parents of all beliefs talk with kids of any age about the birds and the bees. She also works with youth serving organizations and provides childhood sexuality and sexual abuse prevention training.  Amy is the founder of Birds & Bees & Kids. She is the proud mama of one sweet man-child and lives in Seattle, WA.

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