Ethics Statement

SEA Ethics Statement

The Sex Education Alliance (SEA) is a community of independent sexuality education businesses delivering sex-positive, comprehensive, family and youth-focused sexuality education.

Founded on the principles of inclusivity, equity, and community and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our mission is to elevate the standards of our field, support independent educator business growth, and education that is affirming of sexual health and sexual rights for all genders, ages, races, cultures, religions, abilities, and diversity of sexual expressions.

To ensure beneficial participation within the SEA community, our members agree to be bound by the following Ethical Code when engaging with SEA members, collaborations, and events. SEA members are a multicultural, cross-disciplinary, and international alliance who:

  • engage in respectful and culturally-sensitive communication;
  • affirm the full spectrum of identity and sexual diversity;
  • uplift, cite, and compensate other members’ for their work;
  • bring science-based, trauma-aware approaches to their work.

Accountability Policy:

Any group of people working together will occasionally encounter conflict. To support accountability and healing, SEA uses the below process:

  • Speak directly to the person(s) involved in the conflict, with attention to conflict resolution.
  • If you need support around processing, plan-making, or would like a mediator for this conversation, please email Kim Cook (she/her) at
  • If you see behavior you think violates our Ethics Policy or is otherwise concerning, please email Kim Cook (she/her) at
  • If heavy-impact or repeated violations of the Ethical Code occur, members may be removed from the alliance, either short term or indefinitely, pending resolution options.


Created in Collaboration with: Phoenix Mandel, Kim Cook, Amy Lang, & Richelle Frabotta

(2/8/21) (rev:10/8/21)