International Sex Education Day

International Sex Education Day is held on February 2 each year.

We encourage parents, communities, educators and other trusted adults to spend just a few minutes talking about some aspect of personal safety, relationships and/or sex with the young person in your life on February 2.

Talking to kids about sex and relationships can change their futures -- and the world. Sex education, at home, in school, and even at the doctor's office has a broad range of effects, including:

     Improving self-esteem and self-image

     Reducing at-risk sexual behavior

✓     Reducing teenage pregnancy

✓     Higher grades, test scores, and educational outcomes.


Copy of Parent Sessions Flyer

Parent Sessions

Our Parent Sessions event on February 2, 2023 was a success! We hope you join us next year on International Sex Education Day (February 2, 2024) for our next event.

Talking Tips from SEA Experts

Click on each photo to access a quick tip to help you start the conversation.