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Join this dynamic community of independent, family-centered, sex-positive sexual health education professionals. Our members include writers, educators, medical professionals, and non-profits who are passionate about making waves in sex education while building their business. Some of the biggest leaders in sex education are in the Sex Education Alliance.

Student pricing

Jump in the Waves of Sex Education – For undergraduate or graduate students jumping into the waves of sex education.
$2.99/mo or $29/year

Equity pricing

Navigate the SEA – We strive to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization.
$7.99/mo or $79/year

Standard pricing

Ride the Wave – Ride the wave with our standard membership pricing to join our family-centered, comprehensive sexuality educators from across the globe.
$12.99 mo or $129/year

Pay-It-Forward pricing

Make A Splash – Can you afford a little extra? Make a splash in the SEA by helping offset costs for members who are unable to jump into the SEA with both feet at this time.
$15.99/mo or $159/year


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