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I am on a mission to help every kid grow up to be a whole and healthy adult! I do this by helping grown-ups just like you learn how to talk about sexuality.




Birds + Bees + Your Kids

Getting the sex talks started can be so nerve-wracking! When you clarify your values and beliefs about sexuality, love and relationships, you will get the solid foundation you want and need to be a sex talks rock star!

Dating Smarts – What Every Teen Needs To Date, Relate Or Wait

Dating. Relationships. Sex. Is there any part of life you find more confusing? Your parents and the other adults in your life probably try to talk to you about all this but fall far short of being truly helpful. Honestly, they are just as baffled and confused as you are about this part of life and this is one of many reasons they do such terrible job of talking to you about it. Dating Smarts tells teens just like you the truth about dating, relationships and sex and gives you practical, real-world tips and support so you can be a kick-ass boyfriend or girlfriend.Telling kids to “wait” to have sex is just about as helpful as telling a cloud not to rain or the sun not to shine. Eventually almost everyone has sex and what you really need to know is how to navigate your way to your first time feeling confident, comfortable and clear about it. Dating Smarts will guide you through all the areas of dating and relationships you need to know and understand before making this big decision.You’ll learn:– When and how you will know the time is right for you!– Other people’s first time experiences– All about dating – from how to ask someone out to how to kindly say “no” if someone asks you out to how to safely escape from a terrible date– All the elements of healthy relationships so you know what to expect– The signs that show your relationship is unhealthy and how to leave– Your values about sex, dating and relationships– What a healthy vagina and penis should look like– Practical, basic information about sexually transmitted diseases and birth control– What gay, straight, bisexual and transgender really mean– Where to get help if you need it plus other great resources to keep you on top of the dating and relationship gameShort and to the point, Dating Smarts will give you just enough information to feel tons smarter about your romantic life. Whether you are a girl or a guy; in a relationship or never been in one; straight, gay or something in between; there’s help for you here.

Sex Talks with Tweens: What to say and how to say it

If you want your kids to have a better experience than you did; make good decisions, and have healthy relationships, Sex Talks with Tweens is your go-to guide.

Packed with age-appropriate sex talks for children ages nine to twelve, you will feel (and sound) like a pro. Also included are simple tips 1000’s of parents have used to become their tween’s go-to when they have questions and concerns.

Includes scripts about…

LGBTQ+ issues
Their own sexuality
And more (a lot more)


Just Say This!

Just Say This! offers scripts and advice to help you navigate your conversations about sex and relationships with your ‘tweens and teens.