Andrea Brand

she/her  |  Author, Coach  |  Massachusetts, US


Andrea Brand (she/her) MPH, MSW is a certified life coach and founder of ARB Coaching. She is a passionate proponent of comprehensive sex education and in helping parents embrace their role as open, trusted resources for their kids. Her coaching practice includes helping parents move out of their own way when it comes to talking with their kids about sex.


I am a life coach and author. My book helps parents become comfortable talking with their kids about sex. My involvement in sex ed started in college more than 30 years ago and has been a part of my life on/off at various intervals in my career trajectory. I also developed a replicable, home/community-based sex education group model for a group of tweens in my community, and helped bring more rigorous sex ed to my local school district. My focus now is working with parents to support them to be proactively involved in ongoing, developmentally-appropriate talks with their kids starting at an early age.


My life coach skills are a strength in working with parents who have fears around talking with their kids about sex.


Stop Sweating & Start Talking: How to Make Sex Chats with Your Kids Easier Than You Think

An approachable, sex-positive resource on how to talk to your kids about sex . . . and keep the communication going beyond The Talk. You want your kids to make healthy choices, especially when it comes to sex. But when the time comes, you find yourself tongue-tied and dodging hard conversations. With this parent’s guide to proactive sex education for teens, learn how you can become your kid’s go-to resource for accurate sex information-instead of the internet and media.