Gina Lepore

she/her/hers  |  Consultant, Curriculum Development, Educator  |  California, US


The general purpose of my work is to promote healthy sexual development across the lifespan. Currently, my focus is primarily on offering training and TA for sexuality educators in the 6-12 space and teaching at the college level.


I've been in the field of reproductive health/sexual health for 25+ years and have experience in the clinical (healthcare) setting as well as in research.


I really enjoy reading and discussing research on sexuality and facilitating conversations on difficult topics, like exploitation, chronophilias, trauma as well as talking about pleasure. I actually think that the paucity of content on pleasure in school-based sex ed contributes to the rates of sexual violence that we see. Sexual pleasure needs to be an integral aspect of sexuality education. I also have a lot of experience in developing engaging online and in-person trainings but I'm sure others have similar skill sets. I also speak/write semi-fluently both Spanish and Portuguese and have experience with Brazilian and Mexican/Chicana culture.