Lydia Bowers

she/they  |  Author, Educator  |  Ohio, US


A certified sex educator, Lydia teaches families and educators how to talk to children about subjects like gender, reproduction, and abuse. Children's book series on consent:


My focus is primarily working with early childhood educators and families of young children (birth to age 8) on having healthy conversations about (and reactions to) bodies, gender, consent, safety, sexual development, etc. I've been in sexuality education for 5 years.


Early childhood sexual health & development Children's book author


We Say What’s Okay

Centered around a class of preschoolers, the We Say What’s Okay series helps teach young children the social and emotional skills they need to understand the complexities of consent. Each book covers a consent theme, such as how to recognize the physical sensations that emotions create, look for body language cues, ask for and listen to choices, and know that our bodies have value. With believable, everyday situations and diverse characters, children can see themselves and others reflected in each story—and develop a vocabulary to communicate consent and feelings. Every book in the series is accompanied by a song from Peaceful Schools with downloadable MP3 files and sheet music.