Advanced SAR Planning

Phoenix Mandel

they/them  |  Consultant, Educator  |  California, US


Phoenix Mandel, CSE (they/them) Sexuality educator and consultant since 2006, workshopping on sex & body positivity, LGBTQIA+, ethical nonmonogamy, BDSM, and other issues of sexual health. My mission to make sex education more comprehensive & more queer. Programming for parent-child and youth-centered.


My work is comprehensive, pleasure-centered sexuality education across a large age spectrum and focused on diverse gender, orientation, and sexual expressions. I have been involved in sexuality education since 2006.


Working with LGBTQIA+ parents and children, working with ethically nonmonogamous families and their kids, anything topical to the group within the Kink realm, Sex Positivity, language use to maximize inclusion, approaches to collaboration and networking, building quality referral lists...