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Richelle Frabotta

  |  Consultant, Educator  |  Ohio, US


SOSECS southern ohio sexuality education and consultation services richelle frabotta, msed, cse, cses teaching - encouraging - supporting - promoting personal agency, healthy choices, sexual wellness, pleasure through communication, connection, and community happy to co-create learning community with folx who are marginalized and include identities that fall within in the majority (privileged)


My work centers around youth and yes-ish, not so much with parents / caregivers / guardians directly. 29 years of direct sex/ual/ity educational services. most of my professional teaching experience was in and out of 4th grade - 12th grade classrooms all over SW ohio (still do some). currently, i'm at Miami University (oxford, ohio) as FSW faculty (3 courses a semester, approx. 300 students a year) and Coordinator of the Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Education Studies Center (SESC is moving ped and prax into community-based programming). lately, i've been able to focus on populations of learners: SOGIE marginalized youth, I/DD - self-advocates work, and sex trafficked women WHILE advancing scholarly supports to encourage evidence-informed sex/ual/ity ed, and mentoring burgeoning folx to be kick-ass, well-connected, compassionate, and cutting-edge sex/ual/ity educators.


the sex/ual/ity education work that i do has been consistently student-centered, inclusive, and sex positive. i utilize Critical Pedagogy and (Dewey) Progressive Ed philosophy along with behavioral health, psychology, wgs, and sociology to inform and buttress my lesson plans and curriculum. LOTS of webinars that started march '20 (ugh, covid) and i'm feeling pretty good about this type of teaching. also, i would love to share the amazing college-age students i work with who want to do great work such as we do.