Swati Jagdish

She /her  |  Educator, Psychologist  |  Coimbatore, IN


I'm a lactation counselor and sexuality health educator who takes classes to parents & teachers on how to handle the safety and sexual health of our children and teens in Indian Households. I Currently have Parent-only sessions.


I'm a social worker turned sexuality educator. Since I am a psychologist and lactation counselor by profession I was involved in awareness campaigns on breastfeeding, mental health, parenting, informed birthing etc in my community since the birth of my daughter, for 7 years. My practice as a sex educator has been for 3 years now and I take online and offline classes to parents and teachers on comprehensive sex ed and how to start the conversations in Indian Households.


I am aware of issues people face with lactation, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and relationships due to my experience of handling a parenting support group of more than 20k parents for the past 7 years. Most of these issues are because of lack of sex ed. So I will be able to connect the dots with a lot of seemingly unrelated issues to sex education. I have been writing about these issues my community faces and how everything is directly or indirectly linked to sex education. So my special skills are in writing as well as acting as I love creating interesting video content on my social media channel.