Be Present During Times of Adversity

Dad helping son with the computer. Mother overlooking dad and son. All are smiling.

September 10, 2021

by Kim Cook, RN CHES with Anna Ambrus

Supporting our children through thick or thin seems like a no brainer.

Yet, so often during times of normalcy or times of adversity, we often don’t know which way is the best way to support our kids. You may overthink it and ask yourself, “How can I support them?” “How can I let them know that they can trust me?”

Well, the most important thing you can give your child is your presence. When you are there for the little things, you are showing them that you will show up for anything. Being there for the little things will extend into your kids wanting to share the big things with you. Whether that is a new relationship, questions about sex or something that has been on their mind.

We wish nothing more but for our kids to be happy. Instead of wish, cultivate that space. Be there and be present. Gift them with your time, establish that open line of communication, and build that foundation of trust that can withstand anything.

Kim Cook

Kim Cook

Kim is the founder of Teen World Confidential and International Sex Education Day. She is a former elementary school nurse and has certifications in middle and high school health education and LGBT Studies. Read more