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By Jo Langford

Listen in as Jo Langford offers insight into the apps our youth use to connect to the world around them.


By Jo Langford

Beheroes411 is the app designed to address specific social, sexual, psychological and safety situations issues and situations that young people may face both online and off. With clear “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for dozens of social

Beyond Puberty

By Kerri Isham

For: Youth in Grades 6+ (Ages 11+), youths & adults with special needs. Entering the teen years and then adulthood can be a scary time, but with accurate and up-to-date information, you can learn to

Birds + Bees + Your Kids

By Amy Lang

Getting the sex talks started can be so nerve-wracking! When you clarify your values and beliefs about sexuality, love and relationships, you will get the solid foundation you want and need to be a sex

Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty

By Lori Reichel

Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty provides simple answers to basic questions people of all ages wonder about, as well as recommendations for how to have conversations. In addition, enclosed are the “PUBERTY CHIT CHAT


By Kerri Isham

At Power Up Education, we wholeheartedly believe that every child should experience a healthy, happy childhood, free from sexual abuse and exploitation. Self-esteem, body image, how we relate to others and our overall identity are

Eyes Open Academy

By Kristin Fairholm

EyesOpenAcademy is our on-demand online training school in which we offer adult learners 24/7 access to a constantly growing library of innovative and engaging trainings.

Eyes Open Iowa: Statewide Programs

By Kristin Fairholm

EOI is committed to working closely with Iowa’s communities to help them support young people around sexual and reproductive health and the development of healthy relationships. We do this through a number of programs, through

Growing Up Game Plan

By Saleema Noon

Welcome to Growing Up Game Plan: The Podcast. Growing Up Game Plan is a six week online masterclass for preteens on being more confident, more prepared and less stressed as they navigate life. We created

Just Say This!

By Amy Lang

Just Say This! offers scripts and advice to help you navigate your conversations about sex and relationships with your ‘tweens and teens.

Lessons in Love and Understanding

By Jennifer Gates

Sex and gender are delicate and nuanced issues for all of us and can be intimidating topics to teach. This practical, empathetic book aims to dispel some of the uncertainties that many teachers have and

Let’s Talk About Sexuality

By Nadine Thornhill

Let’s Talk About Sexuality is packed with sex-positive, queer-positive, family-focused advice and information, you can use to have meaningful conversations with your kids and teens about sexuality! Whether you’re tackling your first sex talk or

Let’s Talk Trivia

By Kristin Fairholm

A sexual health education game created to help parents and teens ditch the awkwardness and discover the truth. There are six categories: Let’s Talk, Birth Control, Anatomy, STDs, Healthy Relationships, and Drugs & Alcohol. On

Mamihood, A Thread

By Ana Maria Ramos

Do you remember what it was like to have “The Talk” with your mom growing up? You know the one – on puberty, sex, and all the things you probably never wanted to talk about

Puberty: Coming to a Body Near You

By Kerri Isham

For: Children in Grades 3-7 (Ages 7-12) When parents and caregivers talk openly and honestly about sexuality, children will have the comfort, knowledge and support they need to achieve healthy sexual lives. Puberty can be

Puberty: the Wonder Years

By Wendy Sellers

Puberty: The Wonder Years is puberty education specifically for students in grades 4, 5, and/or 6. Fun and interactive lessons teach students the knowledge and skills needed to lay a foundation for developing into sexually

Reframing Our Stories

By Kara Haug

Kara has always asked the big questions – looking for connections to our world and the way people interact.  Through her experiences in human services, working with youth and in ministry, she quickly recognized most of

Right From the Start

By Kerri Isham

Workbook for children ages 3-10 The sexual, physical, mental, and spiritual safety of our children should be a top priority for everyone. The goal is to provide activities and discussions that will help increase abuse

Sex Ed Book Review

By Landa Fox and Barbara Gross

Sex Ed Book Review is a podcast made by two Sexual Health Educators who are passionate about accessible, inclusive, and accurate sex education.

Sex Ed on the Cards

By Leah Jewett

Sex Ed on the Cards is a fun, factual and LGBTQ+ inclusive resource for delivering effective and engaging relationships and sex education (RSE) to students aged 14+. For too long this education has focused on dangers

Sitting in a Car

By Sarah Sproule

Sitting In A Car: Sexuality, Relationships & Consent For Parents of Teens & Little Kids Ever feel awkward talking to your kids about sexuality, relationships and consent? Wish you had someone to go to with

Talk B4 Sex

By Lori Reichel

The app that helps you talk about sex. This app was created to help you, people of all ages, talk honestly about sex including healthy relationships and sexual decision making. Simply click on one of

Tech Talk/s

By Jo Langford

A primer on parenting in a digital age – including guidelines and advice for conversations and creating age-appropriate boundaries, habits and safety for kids of all ages. This book highlights best practices for raising kids

That Sex Ed Podcast

By Justine Kiely-Scott

This is a podcast for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents. Join co-founders of Sex Education Australia, Justine Kiely-Scott and Jenny Ackland, as they discuss the topics parents can find difficult to talk about

The Puberty Prof

By Lori Reichel

Interested in learning or remembering about what happens during puberty and adolescence? Then listen to the Puberty Prof Podcast with Lori Reichel, a nationally recognized health educator. Perfect for listening as a family, in a

The Things We Can’t Unsee

By Kerri Isham

For: children in Grade 4+ (Ages 8+) In our digital age, it is common for children to be exposed to pornography at home, school or at a friend’s house, whether it was intentional or unintentional.

We Need to Talk About Parents

By Jennifer Gates

Working and communicating with parents is a fundamental part of being a teacher, and there are many interpersonal situations that you will be required to respond to in the classroom including difficulties at home, loss,

We Say What’s Okay

By Lydia Bowers

Centered around a class of preschoolers, the We Say What’s Okay series helps teach young children the social and emotional skills they need to understand the complexities of consent. Each book covers a consent theme,