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Male athlete jumping while exercising with ropes

Developing Confidence to Overcome Challenges

(Photo Courtesy of Canva) September 30, 2021 by Kim Cook with Anna Ambrus Helping youth overcome challenges by developing confidence is an important part of a parent’s job. As adults, we face challenges every day.…

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Two young women laying side by side in the grass gazing at one another with love.

Empowering our Kids through Consent

(Photo Courtesy of Canva) September 30, 2021 by Kim Cook with Anna Ambrus Empowering our kids through consent helps them develop into caring adults. Empowering our youth through agency, empathy and decision-making can manifest through…

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Dad helping son with the computer. Mother overlooking dad and son. All are smiling.

Be Present During Times of Adversity

September 10, 2021 by Kim Cook, RN CHES with Anna Ambrus Supporting our children through thick or thin seems like a no brainer. Yet, so often during times of normalcy or times of adversity, we…

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Sex Education Alliance for Professionals

Welcome to the Sex Education Alliance

Let me tell you a little about us. The Sex Education Alliance is a professional community of independent sexuality educators, counselors, writers, and non-profits. Our members take a sex-positive approach to comprehensive sex education. The…

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