Developing Confidence to Overcome Challenges

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September 30, 2021

by Kim Cook with Anna Ambrus

Helping youth overcome challenges by developing confidence is an important part of a parent’s job.

As adults, we face challenges every day. When we face an obstacle, we can self-reflect on our past, go to our support systems and attempt to explore the different paths to face our adversity. That already seems like a lot of work for an adult, so how can we expect our youth to do it so easily?

What our kids often struggle to realize is that through challenges, one learns how to adapt, builds resiliency, and develops a healthy self-concept. When kids face challenges, they develop life skills that can be utilized to form healthy relationships, make healthy choices, and internalize a confidence so that they have independence and agency. 

One way to foster that agency is through sharing with your youth what you have been through. Not only will self-reflecting on your adversities cultivate trust with you and your child, but it will illuminate to you child that you are human too. Children often look up to their parents with high-regard and adoration, which can be intimidating when seeking guidance. 

So why not break down those barriers and explore an openness with your child? It may even encourage your child to share the challenges in their life with you. With offering your youth consistent support and affirmation that you are there for them, your child will develop the confidence to navigate this changing world, knowing that you did it too.

Kim Cook

Kim Cook

Kim is the founder of Teen World Confidential and International Sex Education Day. She is a former elementary school nurse and has certifications in middle and high school health education and LGBT Studies. Read more