Ana Maria Ramos

she / her  |  Educator  |  Massachusetts, US


Ana M. Ramos (she/her) is the founder of Familia SexTalks LLC, an organization that takes a bilingual approach to comprehensive, pleasure-positive sex education serving the Spanish and English-speaking communities. She is a certified Sexual Health Educator by the Responsible Sex Education Institute of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Ana is passionate about helping kids of all genders and their trusted adults navigate concepts such as sexuality, puberty, and consent.


The purpose of Ana’s work is to create a comfortable space for families to open up with each other and be able to speak with the children in their lives about sex and sexuality. Her work encourages parents to be the main and trusted source for their children and empowers kids to feel confident about their own knowledge around these topics. Ana’s mission is to break the cultural stigma surrounding sex within Latinx communities and be a safe space for kids and adults to learn and seek accurate information.


As a parent herself to young kids, Ana specializes in using storytelling with children in the early years to teach foundational sexuality education, uses engaging modern slang to engage tweens and teenagers in her workshops, and provides a safe and trauma-informed environment for learners.


Mamihood, A Thread

Do you remember what it was like to have “The Talk” with your mom growing up? You know the one – on puberty, sex, and all the things you probably never wanted to talk about with your parents but it is definitely one of the most important convos to have?

On the first episode of Mamihood this season, we talk to Ana M. Ramos from @familia.sextalks on what this looked like for us growing up (hint: Stef’s mom almost threw her a puberty party), how early to have convos around sex and consent, and what we will pass on to our bebés when the time comes.