Ana M. Ramos

she / her  |  Educator  |  Massachusetts, US


Familia Sex Talks Ana M. Ramos (she/her) Familia Sex Talks is an organization that takes a bilingual approach to comprehensive, sex positive education serving the Spanish speaking community. I am passionate about helping young people of all genders and their families navigate concepts such as puberty, consent, and sexuality. My mission is to break the stigma around sex education within Latin communities, and be a safe space for young folks to learn and seek accurate information. My program is parent-child centered.


The purpose of my work is to bring comprehensive sex education to the Spanish speaking community. I have just started my journey as an educator. I completed the Sexual Health Educator certification from the Responsible Sex Education Institute (Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Moutains). I have also been collaborating with my mentor, Melissa Pintor-Carnagey from Sex Positive Families, translating her puberty workshops into Spanish. I will start facilitating them by the end of this month. My mission is to break the stigma that exists around sex education within Latin communities.


I am excited to bring all the knowledge around sex education and statistics on its positive impact on youth and be able to positively impact communities that do not have access to these resources because of language barriers. Also, I love researching data so I can present facts when talking or teachig about the subjects in place. I am really good at finding out accurate dependable information. I also love writing and social media.