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Christine Keating

she/hers  |  Coach, Consultant, Educator, Speaker  |  Washington, US


Christy Keating, J.D., Certified Parent Coach® (she/hers) Savvy Parents Safe Kids Savvy Parents Safe Kids provides classes and support to parents and caregiving/youth serving organizations of children ages 0-18 in preventing both child sexual abuse and sexual assault. As a former criminal prosecutor with a specialty in sexually violent predators, Christy brings a unique legal perspective to prevention work. As a Certified Parent Coach and founder of The Heartful Parent, Christy also coaches parents one-on-one and provides an online membership community for parents at The Heartful Parent Academy. Topics: Sexual abuse prevention training, consent, online safety (including pornography exposure prevention), decision-making, body boundaries, and having "the talk" with children ages 4-12. Age groups: Parents of children 0-18 and caregiver/youth serving organizations


I've been overtly involved in education around sexuality and safety for about 3 years, but prior to that I was a criminal prosecutor with a specialty in prosecuting sexually violent predators and sex offenders. Of my 20 years as a prosecutor, I spent about 8 years doing that work.


I am a Certified Parent Coach®, Certified Positive Discipline Educator, and sexual abuse/sexual assault prevention educator. While I do some work around sexuality education in general, my primary focus is on safety and prevention. My legal background gives me a unique perspective and insight in this.