Dawn Ansdell

She/Her  |  Educator, Health Care Provider  |  British Columbia, CA


Okanagan Sexual Wellness Education & Empowerment Tools (Ok SWEET) Founder: Dawn Ansdell (She/Her) RN, BScN, MScN-NP An education service dedicated to providing sex-positive, inclusive information so all ages feel empowered to embrace and accept their sexual self Primary Topics: Anatomy, Reproduction, Gender, Puberty, Sexual Wellness through prevention of STI's/Pregnancy, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Linking with services and resources Program categories: Student education in schools, private group lessons, parent lessons, adult education


Educate children and families about sexual wellness. I've been a nurse interested and working intermittently in sexual health for nearly 25 yrs and worked as a Nurse Practitioner for over 15yrs. I've completed my sexual health educator course through Options Feb 2021.


Medical knowledge and advocacy work I've been doing