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Name of company: sexEdvice.com Ellen Friedrichs (she/her) Ellen Friedrichs is a health educator, writer, and mom of three kids. Originally from Canada, she now lives in New York, where she runs the middle and high school health education program and teaches college in the CUNY system. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, HuffPost, and Rewire News. She is the author of the book, Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World (Cleis Press: 2019). Primary topics she addresses include sexuality education, health education, mental health Program categories (parent-only, youth-centered)


I am a health teacher for middle and high school students, and teach college level health education and human sexuality in New York's CUNY system. I am the author of the book, Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World (Cleis Press: 2019). I have been doing this for almost 20 years. I earned my MA in health and human sexuality education from NYU.


I am a writer, a teacher and a parent of three kids. I have weathered criticism, push back and my own evolving understanding of sex ed. I am used to presenting to parents and working with kids and college students.


Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World

Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World

Most of us want to be decent people in the world. Yet when it comes to sex, we so often stumble and contribute to sexual injustice. Think about it: are we really still blaming victims of sexual assaults? Can it truly be that there is a gender based orgasm gap? Are we actually labeling people based on the kind of sex they do or don’t have? Why do we insist on questioning if sex is consensual when someone’s passed out drunk?

Our society is undergoing an evolution, and we should take this as a call to action to ensure that all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, ethnicity, race, religion, or social class, are treated as humans worthy of respect.

Good Sexual Citizenship asks us all to break down sexual hostility and build up something better. This book strives to promote understanding and empathy, and includes a factual and historical backdrop covering gender disparities, women’s rights, sexual violence, prevention, and sex education, and challenges readers to use this insight, along with guided exercises, to examine their own potential for “good sexual citizenship.” Covering topics like consent, sexual assault, pleasure, double standards, casual sex, hook-up culture, and teen sex, I offer with tools to navigate societal messages, sexually hostile climates, stereotypes, and outdated mentalities.

This book is written for anyone—but especially the educators, the parents, the fellow students, the coworkers, the employers—who have helplessly looked around in the midst of some type of sexual injustice wondering, “What can I do?”