Jamie Sclafane

She/Her/Hers  |  Consultant, Curriculum Development, Educator  |  New Jersey, US


Jamie Heather Sclafane, MS, MCHES® Jamie Sclafane Consulting Jamie Heather Sclafane, MS, MCHES® is a Sexuality Educator who provides education and guidance to schools, children, teenagers and their families. In addition to providing workshops for students and parents on a variety of topics, she also evaluates and develops curricula and trains teachers and school staff on how to best deliver sexuality education lessons.


I have been working in sexuality education since 2000. I worked for many years in after-school programs with middle and high school aged youth as a facilitator and director of program development and implementation. Since 2014, I started working as an adjunct professor teaching courses that have a large personal health, sexuality and reproductive health component (Personal Health, Women's Health & Reproductive Rights). I have been freelancing since 2005 and this work has been primarily with schools and parents. I have been doing a lot of work and advocacy in my children's school district, because I see many areas for improvement.