Kim Cook

she/her  |  Author, Educator, Writer  |  Illinois, US


Kim T. Cook, RN, CHES has certifications as a middle and high school health teacher, Health Education Specialist, and in LGBT Studies. She is also a former elementary school nurse. In her mission to educate about the importance of adolescent sexual health, she developed an online resource for parents--Teen World Confidential. When she recognized a need for fellow sex education professionals to gather and share ideas to help their clients, she founded the Sex Education Alliance, LLC (SEA). As founder, she serves this global community as the community organizer. As the mother of three grown daughters, Kim Cook is a survivor of the adolescent years.


My purpose is to bring sex education professionals together to learn from one another to enhance their professional acumen. Our global community enjoys virtual events each month, a Facebook page to share ideas and learning opportunities, and a weekly newsletter. We feature Members Making Waves to help promote their work. The SEA is making waves in sex education.


Educator, writer, community organizer, event moderator and coordinator.


Teen World Confidential: Five minute topics to open conversation about sex and relationships

Teen World Confidential offers parents and other caring adults tips and tools to inspire honest conversation about adolescent sexual health. Information is presented in fast-paced five minute reads that fit into your busy schedule. Killing time waiting in the car for your kids to finish practice? Pick up Teen World Confidential, open a random page, and gain fresh insight about current issues affecting teens, ‘tweens, and families. Explore conversation starters – and roadblocks – that open the door to honest communication that will continue through the teen years.

Kim Cook’s work is a delightful blend of up-to-the-minute information, practical advice, and personal experience. Using a straightforward yet humorous approach, she offers non-judgmental medically-accurate information to educate parents and other adults about sexual health topics relevant to today’s youth such as:

• relationships
• identity
• responsible choices
• values
• sexually transmitted infections
• birth control
• bullying

Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy Kim’s unique approach to learning about adolescent sexual health.