Kristin Fairholm

she/her  |  Coach, Consultant, Non-profit  |  Iowa, US


Kristin Fairholm, ED, EyesOpenIowa The mission of EyesOpenIowa (EOI) is to empower communities to provide people with comprehensive sexual health information and services to make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships, both now and in the future. Teacher/educator training


Comprehensive sex education for all. I have been in the social work and public health fields for nearly thirty years.


Kristin Fairholm is an inspiring coach, committed to helping Executive Directors and non-profit staff flourish in their roles. Serving as a thought partner and mentor, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table, fostering an environment of innovation and sustainable growth. Her national recognition in the field of sexual health is a testament to her commitment to advancing crucial causes on a broader scale. She is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, showcasing a remarkable track record of success and leadership. As an accomplished Executive Director, Kristin has led two agencies to new heights, demonstrating her adeptness in non-profit management and strategic leadership. Her extensive experience in non-profit leadership encompasses a spectrum of skills, including fundraising, board management, program development and creative problem-solving. In her current role, Kristin has significantly elevated her non-profit's impact by successfully growing the organization and increasing the budget by an impressive 450%. She introduced a fee-for-service structure, demonstrating her business acumen and ability to diversify revenue streams. Kristin's success extends to securing large grant awards from both private and government funders, showcasing her grant writing prowess and strategic approach to resource development. A skilled coach, she has a proven track record of coaching staff to reach their full potential, fostering a culture of excellence within her teams. Additionally, she actively serves on national committees, contributing her insights and expertise to the advancement of best practices in the non-profit sector. Kristin Fairholm is not just a leader; she is a catalyst for positive change, consistently driving organizations to new heights through her visionary leadership, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to social impact.

Eyes Open Academy

EyesOpenAcademy is our on-demand online training school in which we offer adult learners 24/7 access to a constantly growing library of innovative and engaging trainings.

Eyes Open Iowa: Statewide Programs

EOI is committed to working closely with Iowa’s communities to help them support young people around sexual and reproductive health and the development of healthy relationships. We do this through a number of programs, through which staff work with school districts, community-based organizations, sexual health educators, parents, and teens themselves.

Through this programming, we reach approximately 200,000 young people annually with information to help them prevent pregnancy, make healthy decisions about sex and relationships, and set appropriate boundaries.


Let’s Talk Trivia

A sexual health education game created to help parents and teens ditch the awkwardness and discover the truth.

There are six categories: Let’s Talk, Birth Control, Anatomy, STDs, Healthy Relationships, and Drugs & Alcohol. On your turn, roll the die and then the person to your left reads the question on the card with the corresponding color. If you answer the question correctly, you keep the card, which represents a point. The first one with 15 points AND a card of each color wins the game!