Kristin Fairholm

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Kristin Fairholm, ED, EyesOpenIowa The mission of EyesOpenIowa (EOI) is to empower communities to provide people with comprehensive sexual health information and services to make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships, both now and in the future. Teacher/educator training


Comprehensive sex education for all. I have been in the social work and public health fields for nearly thirty years but focused on sex education for the last 11.


Comprehensive sex education best practices, teen parent support, non-shaming and safe space sex educationm, non-profit, business development and fee for service, marketing, etc.

Eyes Open Academy

EyesOpenAcademy is our on-demand online training school in which we offer adult learners 24/7 access to a constantly growing library of innovative and engaging trainings.

Eyes Open Iowa: Statewide Programs

EOI is committed to working closely with Iowa’s communities to help them support young people around sexual and reproductive health and the development of healthy relationships. We do this through a number of programs, through which staff work with school districts, community-based organizations, sexual health educators, parents, and teens themselves.

Through this programming, we reach approximately 200,000 young people annually with information to help them prevent pregnancy, make healthy decisions about sex and relationships, and set appropriate boundaries.


Let’s Talk Trivia

A sexual health education game created to help parents and teens ditch the awkwardness and discover the truth.

There are six categories: Let’s Talk, Birth Control, Anatomy, STDs, Healthy Relationships, and Drugs & Alcohol. On your turn, roll the die and then the person to your left reads the question on the card with the corresponding color. If you answer the question correctly, you keep the card, which represents a point. The first one with 15 points AND a card of each color wins the game!