Landa Fox

she/her  |  Consultant, Educator, Therapist/Counselor  |  British Columbia, CA


Positive Connections; Landa Fox (she/her); Providing education & training in the areas of sexual health, relationships, and sex education for neurodiverse/disabled individuals, their families, and their communities; direct work with youth, parent-child, and support systems.


I have formed a practice by merging my interests of teaching fundamental skills to folks of various abilities and sexual health/relationship education. I have been working in the field of sexuality education for 5 years. I believe that access to inclusive, accessible, and accurate sexual health education is a fundamental human right that should be afforded to all.


Areas of passion and specialization include: individualized teaching of sex education; teaching consent and body autonomy in the context of childhood interventions; access to pleasure for all; assessment and support planning for inappropriate sexual behaviours; modification and adaptation of existing resources and curriculum for diverse learners.


Sex Ed Book Review

Sex Ed Book Review is a podcast made by two Sexual Health Educators who are passionate about accessible, inclusive, and accurate sex education.