Lauren Barineau

she/her  |  Consultant, Curriculum Development, Educator, Non-profit  |  Atlanta, Georgia, US


Lauren has been in the field of sexuality education for almost 15 years. After earning her MPH/CHES, she led sexuality education capacity building work with many Georgia school districts at the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP), a statewide nonprofit. During this time she also served as the facilitator of two of Answer's (Rutgers University) online professional development workshops, and was a founding contributor to the Professional Learning Standards in Sexuality Education (PLSSE). Lauren has worked extensively in sexuality education training and facilitation, providing instructor coaching and program/resource development. She works frequently with national sex ed experts, such as Advocates for Youth, and Healthy Teen Network.


Talk More is an organization focused on providing resources to families and other trusted adults to support their ability to have positive and proactive conversations about healthy sexuality throughout childhood in age-appropriate ways. Visit Talk More to download our Parent Planners, join a Caregiver Workshop, or request specific support in program development or training. During her tenure in sexuality education, Lauren was often surprised at how few resources there were for parents and families, especially when directly building the confidence and skill of this audience is critically important to shifting narratives around sexuality that are mostly based on secrecy and shame in order to normalize talking about sexuality and build our sexual wellbeing. Talk More is an organization working to fill this gap by providing resources and support to families and other trusted adults to strengthen their ability to have positive and proactive conversations about sexuality with kids.


Family and community workshops focused on talking with kids about sexuality; Program and content development; Training and public speaking; perspectives on social-emotional skill development as an integrated component of positive sexuality.