Lori Reichel

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Lori is a passionate health educator who knows how to connect with children and youth, parents and caregivers, school health teachers, and K-12 administrators. It’s not too difficult to get in front of a group of children and list off a set of health facts. But how do you give young people some of the most important tools and facts of their life? The tools and facts they need to stay with them long after they have grown up? The tools and facts that can set them up for a life of health and happiness and healthy relationships? The tools and facts that can literally mean the difference between wellness and sickness, life and death? And how do you do this in a manner that supports positive values and beliefs? Lori Reichel knows the answers to these questions. A nationally recognized and innovative health educator, she has successfully provided these tools and facts in age- and developmentally-appropriate ways for almost 30 years.


My purpose is to provide tools for families and teachers on overall health education, including healthy communication about sexuality. I have been involved in education for 30 years, in which I have received National & New York State recognition (awards).


* Helping families with younger children (elementary school) and preteens (middle schools) talk about growing up topics and life skills; * Updating health education school curriculum to be aligned with National Health Education Standards and the National Sexuality Education Standards; * Hosting the Puberty Prof Podcast; * Creator of the TALK Puberty app and the TALK B4 Sex app.


Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty

Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty provides simple answers to basic questions people of all ages wonder about, as well as recommendations for how to have conversations. In addition, enclosed are the “PUBERTY CHIT CHAT CARDS” to help adults and children begin conversations in a fun and interactive manner!

Tools for Teaching Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

A hands-on resource filled with interactive activities to engage students’ thinking and skill development. This book contains ready-to-use lesson plans referencing both the National Sexuality Education Standards and the National Health Education Standards, and is arranged into chapters by the seven topic areas outlined in the National Sexuality Education Standards.


The Puberty Prof

Interested in learning or remembering about what happens during puberty and adolescence? Then listen to the Puberty Prof Podcast with Lori Reichel, a nationally recognized health educator. Perfect for listening as a family, in a car, and anytime you have a few minutes.


Talk B4 Sex

The app that helps you talk about sex.

This app was created to help you, people of all ages, talk honestly about sex including healthy relationships and sexual decision making.

Simply click on one of the six sections of the TALK B4 Sex app, then swipe through the provided questions that encourage honest conversations. To increase your feelings of comfort, state questions aloud one at a time. By doing this, the questions serve as a “cue to action” – this means the actual asking of a question encourages you to talk.

Over 150 questions are provided and are broken down into six topic areas: Questions about Relationships, Questions about LGBTQ+ and Identity, General Questions about Sex, Questions about Preventing STIs and Pregnancies, Questions to Share Your Thoughts about Relationships, and Questions to Share Your Feelings and Beliefs about Sex. A “Resource Section” is also included to ensure you have a variety of places to explore answers.

Note: Answers are not provided for the questions. If you are unsure of an answer, refer to a reliable resource, including the ones noted in the Resource section. A list of all resources is provided on the first link in this section.

Remember: Accessing reliable resources with another person encourages further communication and helps to build healthier relationships.

Reminder: If you are feeling threatened within your relationship, please refer to the provided resources for help. You are important and deserve to be safe and in a healthy relationship!

Other information:
• The TALK B4 Sex app needs to be purchased for download. This decision was made to support your privacy and to ensure your use of the app, including the conversations you have with others, is not interrupted by any advertisements.
• The app’s creator is a nationally recognized Health Educator.
• TALK Puberty is another available app for talking about puberty and adolescence.
• For more information on the creator, go to www.superhealthcrusader.com.