Montana Bass

she/her  |  Consultant, Curriculum Development, Educator, Non-profit  |  NY, US


I have been teaching sex education for five years, beginning at Colorado College’s Wellness Resource Center. I then transitioned to Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, where I taught in schools, community centers, rehabilitation facilities, and more, before beginning to build my own practice. In recent years, I have focused specifically on building my facilitation skillset and curriculum to support young people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Health at CUNY School of Public Health with a specialization in sexual and reproductive health, all while building my own sex education and consulting practice. As a sex education consultant and provider, I work with schools, parents/guardians, and other professionals serving youth and young adults to address a wide variety of key comprehensive sex education topics.


I am rooted in principles of bodily autonomy, sex positivity, and reproductive justice. I am a sex educator because I believe that teaching people about their bodies is a basic necessity for healthy, well-adapted communities. I believe the skills to create and support healthy relationships can be learned, and that education is a critical intervention a society that suffers from widespread sexual abuse and intimate partner violence. I reach towards a world where this right is recognized and respected for all, a world free from coercion and abuse. My goal for the young people I teach is for them to grasp age- and developmentally-appropriate information about key sex ed topics, and to feel confident advocating for their needs and seeking further information. My goal for youth-supporting adults is that they can feel empowered and confident engaging young people in conversations about sex education topics. As a consultant, I work with schools and organizations to develop engaging curriculum that is responsive to SIECUS standards and the unique needs of that community, including trainings and implementation recommendations to ensure programmatic success.


My expertise lies in group facilitation, curriculum development, and comprehensive sex education topics as listed in the K-12 SIECUS, but particularly 7-12 grade. In recent years, I have focused primarily on developing curriculum for and teaching young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.