Nadine Thornhill

she/her  |  Author, Educator  |  Toronto, CA


Dr. Nadine Thornhill, Ed.D (she/her) Sexuality educator. I help parents, caregivers, and educators open up, get real, and have fun teaching youth about sexuality. I also provide mentorship and career coaching to aspiring and emerging sexuality educators. My primary topics include: consent, pleasure, communication, puberty, child and adolescent sexuality, sex in media.


I help families, educators, and other sexuality professionals access information and develop communication skills that will help them teach others about sexuality.


Content creation Presentation and facilitation skills Short-form video production How to be present on camera.


Let’s Talk About Sexuality

Let’s Talk About Sexuality is packed with sex-positive, queer-positive, family-focused advice and information, you can use to have meaningful conversations with your kids and teens about sexuality! Whether you’re tackling your first sex talk or your 50th, this book will help you:

Identify the topics are that appropriate for your kids now and in the future!

Talk about your family’s sexual values in a clear, affirming way!

Kick-off family discussions with dozens of fun, easy conversation prompts!

And much more!