Saleema Noon

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Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators Founder: Saleema Noon (she/her) We are the go-to group when it comes to sex-positive, comprehensive sexual health education. We empower kids with the information and skills they need. We support parents in having open, meaningful conversations with their kids about important topics including: sexual health, consent, healthy relationships, gender, reproduction, birth, pleasure, puberty, body image, assertiveness, internet safety, emotional health... Program categories: youth-centred, parent only, online and in-person.


Our mission is to help kids live healthier, happier, safer lives by providing them comprehensive sexual health education they need to make smart decisions about their bodies. We empower kids with medically accurate information and practical skills. We support parents in having open, meaningful conversations with their kids about important topics. I've been teaching sexuality education for almost 25 years as a private educator in schools and community settings.


We specialize in teaching comprehensive sexual health education to kids in Kindergarten to Grade 7 and their parents. We also provide empowerment workshops to kids in Grades 4-7, both online and in-person.


Talk Sex Today: What Kids Need to Know and How Adults Can Teach Them

Not sure what – or how much – information to share with children and teens regarding sex and sexual health? Do you fear what they might ask? Or how to respond to their questions? Or whether you even know the “answers” yourself?

Saleema Noon knows all about these fears and concerns. An expert in sexual health education and stepparent to two teenage daughters herself, she understands the challenges adults face when addressing sensitive topics with their kids.

In Talk Sex Today, Noon delivers an intelligent and sensible blend of current, inclusive, and practical information for children and teens – and the adults who love them. Noon builds on the foundational work of iconic sexual health educator Meg Hickling and her bestselling Speaking of Sex books to offer adults a break-through guide on teaching “body science.”

Together, with a combined 40 years of experience, Noon and Hickling broach a host of topics including:

gender identity and stereotypes
sexual diversity
sexual consent
bullying and harassment
fostering healthy body image
internet safety
managing media influence
sexual decision-making
teaching sexual health to children and teens with special needs.

Not afraid of controversy and firm in her belief that knowledge is power, Noon’s broadly inclusive approach shines with the affirmation that every person – regardless of race, religion, age, ability, gender identity, gender expression and sexual attraction – deserves respect and the information that will keep them safe.

This is the ultimate guide to teaching children about sexual health and is ideal for educators and parents alike.


Growing Up Game Plan

Welcome to Growing Up Game Plan: The Podcast. Growing Up Game Plan is a six week online masterclass for preteens on being more confident, more prepared and less stressed as they navigate life. We created this podcast to support you parents to do the same. You’re in the right place if you want to understand what preteens struggle with, you want to be proactive and stay one step ahead of teen angst, you want to have (or keep having) meaningful conversations with your preteen about growing up, and you’re looking for concrete, easy-to-implement tips on what to say and do. We don’t have all the answers, but we want to support you in all of these goals. Parenting preteens is no joke and sometimes you just gotta call in for back up. That’s us! So let’s do this.