Tessy Vanderhaeghe

she/her  |  Educator  |  British Columbia, CA


Yes Tess is a call for an enthusiastic and positive approach to education and conversations about sexuality. From workshops to social media, Tess offers inclusive, evidence-based and sex-positive information about sexuality, menstruation, birth control, puberty, STIs, and more! youth centered; parent-only (families and caring adults); teachers/educators


I'm a sexual health educator working primarily in schools in my province with kids from K to grade 12, but also with educators, teachers and families. I thrive to offer accessible, evidence-based, holistic, comprehensive, inclusive, and sex-positive education in a non-judgmental and positive environment. I have been working as an educator in schools for 4 years and completed my training as a sexual health educator in September 2019. I have been running my own sexual health education business since October 2020. During the first lockdown, I started making some sexual health education content on TikTok which has been working rather well and had allowed me to reach kids, teens, and families across the world. Since March 2021, I also started volunteering for Scarleteen.


I've been developing some good skills on how to make short Tiktok videos and Reels. So I'd love to share what I have learned about that with the members!